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Last updated: March 5, 2018

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before purchasing a new trial site setup from Treepl/Custom Template performed by Code Production team (the “Site Setup”) on website (the “Service") operated by Upgrade Parade, LLC. All relations between the user (“Buyer”) who wishes to make a Site Setup purchase and Code Production team (“Provider”, “we”, “us") are to be in accordance with the following Terms of Use.

  • 1. Membership

    Upon purchasing the site setup, the Buyer must be a registered Adobe Business Catalyst partner holding Adobe Business Catalyst partner code/ID. All order submissions are made through site. If the Buyer is not registered on the service, the new account will be created and associated with the email entered in “Enter Your Details” section with temporary password sent to the email address provided. In case when the Buyer already has an account in the Service, his/her new order will be added into existing dashboard as a separate project.

  • 2. Site Setup Licensing

    Upon purchasing a new Site Setup, the Buyer is licensed for a single use of the Site Setup per one website/end client. The Buyer is allowed to sell the Site Setup directly to a single his/her end client but reselling the Site Setup or any of its assets to other Adobe Business Catalyst partners and/or web agencies of any type is not allowed. Upon purchasing the "PSD pack only" on the Service, the Buyer is licensed to use the provided assets (PSD files) for purposes not connected with resale or free distribution of the assets.

  • 3. User Rights and Obligations

    When registered with service, the Buyer is obligated to:
    - Observe full confidentiality with given username and password (temporary password is sent to new Buyers automatically via email);
    - Notify the Provider in case of unauthorized use of Buyer’s username and password;
    - Not disclose any confidential information available to the Buyer on the Service;
    - Use only true and reliable information while registering and using the Service.

    During the order submission the Buyer has a right to select either Font Awesome Free or Font Awesome Pro setup option. If the Buyer selects Font Awesome Pro, he/she is obligated to have a personal Font Awesome Pro license. Provider's Font Awesome Pro license does not cover the Treepl sites once they are transferred to the Buyer's Partner Portal, nor has the Seller a right to transfer its own Pro icons (read full Font Awesome Pro license here).

    Violation of any of the above obligations may be the cause of the suspension or termination of a Buyer's account.

  • 4. Provider’s rights and obligations

    Provider reserves the right at any time and for any reason to refuse, suspend or terminate without giving any explanations:
    - an existing user account;
    - a submitted order.

  • 5. Payments

    All payments on the Service are carried out via PayPal. All references to “USD”, “$”, “dollar” on the Service are to the US Dollar currency. All payments are made in US Dollar currency.

  • 6. Refund

    We don’t provide any refunds since each Site Setup involves immediate involvement and development work of minimum two employees of the Provider.

  • 7. Changes to Terms of Use and License

    We reserve the right to revise or change these Terms of Use at any time.

Contacting Us:
If there are any questions regarding these Terms of Use you may contact us using the information below.
Phone: (330) 333-5-333

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